About Us

Upasana-meaning “Tapasya”
When a child is born, the entire family rejoices- a new beginning. But can one imagine the plight of the parents, when the doctor informs that the child is special. What happens if the mother is blamed for the child’s problem? What happens if the father walks out on both the child & the mother saying that the child is not his responsibility as he is completely normal & there is no special child in his family for generations? Whose fault is it? Where does such a child go?

Upasana is a “Home away from Home”, where there is no discrimination and no age factor. Not only is a 05 yrs old child welcome but even a 25 year old young adult accepted with open arms.

Upasana is the venture of Mrs. Shilpa Arora, a special educator, working first at the post of special educator in Purti Special School, Ashok Vihar and then at the post of principal of Savera Special School, Pitampura & then of Sparsh Special School.

Parents always asked-‘Ma’am what will happen when my child is 18 yrs of age or above? Where will he/she go? Which school will accept him/her? What will he/she do? How will he/she pass his/her time?

Here at Upasana besides providing a child with special education, speech therapy, physio therapy, behavioural therapy, music therapy, dance & yoga we also have provision for vocational training. There is sheltered workshop where children make handicrafts and decorative items like Pen Stand, Vases, Piggy Banks, Shagun envelopes, Wrapping papers & Greeting cards. The older children also make snacks like Mathi, Namak Para, Mixture & Laddos. Here everybody is given an opportunity to do some work to make them feel wanted. Appreciation is very important and with that to be rewarded.

Both act as positive re-enforcers & mood elevators.

So join with us in our venture to make the world a better place for our children, where they are accepted for what they are.