Working with differently abled children is a challenge. But the challenge is even greater if we cannot understand what our little ones are trying to say. This problem is not only with our hearing impaired children, but also with our autistic children and with the multiple disabled ones. If a child cannot express his feelings, he/she gets irritated & finally it results in behaviour problems like head banging, self injury & throwing tantrums. Won’t it be a blessing if the child can express that he is in pain or wants to eat something sweet.

So keeping all this in mind, we, at Upasana, are starting Sign Language Classes to give a better life to our children.

For details do read ahead:-

New Session Starting Date: September, 2017
Days: Saturday & Sunday
Timing: Saturday: 03:00 P.M to 05:00 P.M & Sunday: 11:00 A.M to 01:00 P.M
Fees: Registration Charges Rs. 300 & Rs. 1500/- per month
Duration: ‘A’ Level - 3 months
‘B’ Level - 3 months
Venue: Upasana Special School, B-60, Mange Ram Park, Opp. Chaudah Rana Mandir, Sector 23 (Main Kanjhwala Raod) Rohini, Delhi – 110085
Contact Person: Ms. Shilpa Arora (9818207792), Ms. Preeti Sapra (9999491876)
Email Ids’: upasanaspecialschool@gmail.com & preetisaini018@gmail.com
Website: www.upasanaspecialschool.com & www.signasli.org
Student Strength (Per Batch): 10-12 students
Certification: Certified by ASSOCIATION OF SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETERS, registered by WASLI (World Association of Sign Language Interpreters) and UPASANA.
Practical Sessions: 1. Visit to Deaf Schools, NGOs and Institute of Hearing Impaired
2. Interaction with Deaf/Hearing Impaired persons from various institutes
3. Interpreting Assignments during ‘B’ Level.